Customs Law

The focus of consultancy services with regard to customs law is to mitigate any subsequent recovery of duties following a customs inspection and to avoid proceedings for criminal or administrative offences.

Since the number of customs inspections conducted on companies has increased in recent years, it is essential to get advice on customs law from a specialised lawyer. If a customs inspection finds errors in standardised processes, this can lead to an extensive subsequent recovery of import duties and the revocation of existing permits for the company. Consultancy by a specialised lawyer can help you deal with the ensuing proceedings and resolve financial and criminal disputes.

It provides you with the opportunity to have issues regarding the cross-border movement of goods clarified by a customs law specialist.

Customs Law with LSV

For the layperson, customs law is a complex field of the law that encompasses numerous special regulations such as the Customs Code, the regulation implementing the Customs Code and the Fiscal Code. Attorney at Law Dirk Pohl has made it his goal as a partner at LSV to expand our range of consultancy services beyond basic attorney’s work and into an overall concept for consultancy in customs law. Together with his team of designated experts, Attorney at Law Dirk Pohl has the capacity to advise companies on all aspects of customs law. For example, company managers are provided with the option of obtaining impunity by retroactively declaring customs duties through a self-accusation with the help of a lawyer for customs law.

Our range of consultancy services includes:

  • The establishment of centres of excellence for customs issues in your company
  • Customs cost law
  • Excise duties
  • Customs procedures
  • Turnover tax on imports
  • Applications for permits
  • Customs inspections
  • Criminal proceedings under customs law
  • Liability in the company
  • Foreign trade law
  • Advice for private individuals regarding breaches of the obligation to declare cash funds or travellers’ allowances

Customs Law and China Desk

Apart from advice on customs law in German and English, Attorney at Law Dirk Pohl has also been offering a China Desk to his clients since 2017. With the assistance of Ms. Ting Shu, a law graduate of the Renmin University of China (Beijing), he has built a communication platform for providing consultancy on customs law in an international context.

Customs Law and Costs

Good legal advice on customs law does not have to be expensive. In order to avoid unnecessary costs, Attorney at Law Dirk Pohl will advise you together with a team. All your requests will be dealt with by a specialised expert. This helps avoid costly familiarisation periods and ensures premium-quality consultancy services. At the same time, Attorney at Law Dirk Pohl will be your single point of contact in order to streamline communication. As the lawyers at LSV, we are committed to represent the interests of our clients. We will advise you on the costs incurred for an overall solution regarding your concerns in the field of customs law. Doing so, we always make sure that the result will not cost more than “the sum of its parts”.