Real Estate Lawyers

Because of international investors, the real estate industry has become a trendsetter of the growing globalization. The Rhine-Main area and the Frankfurt am Main metropolitan region have established an excellent reputation among investors, including for major real estate transactions.

Our law firm provides comprehensive advice and representation related to real estate law, in particular for the following areas:

Contracts for the transfer of use of real properties

For the intended transfer of real properties for use (e.g. office leases, rentals, hereditable building rights), we will work on the design and negotiation of the contracts for the transfer/use in our capacity as attorneys on behalf of one of the involved parties, starting from the planning phase.

For long-term property holdings, we assist our clients in the context of the ongoing contracts, providing advice and representation (e.g. in the context of proceedings for the preservation of evidence) in particular in connection with reported damages and/or the procedural defense of unwarranted claims asserted by the opposing party.

Transfers of real estate (purchase and sale of real properties)

For planned transfers of real estate, the attorneys of LSV will work for the seller or the buyer. In the context of real estate transactions, such as e.g. the purchase and sale of properties, residential buildings, office and administrative buildings, industrial production sites, shopping malls or building (office) complexes, we have teams that provide counseling, also taking into account aspects of corporation and tax law, including with regard to the establishment of possible investment models.

In the context of real estate due diligence, we review the legal parameters of real properties. In addition to reviewing the aspects under public law (e.g. building permits), public easements and rights to properties, we examine in particular existing term contracts (rental and leasing contracts) with regard to their legal validities as well as to the potential amendability for the future.
Inheritance and endowments

Many real properties are transferred by way of accelerated inheritance. In these cases, it is important to keep track in particular of tax-related aspects and for the endowing party to retain certain rights as a safeguard (e.g. usufruct, tenancy for life).

With regard to a community of heirs, the question about what should happen with the inherited property frequently arises for the heirs and involved parties, who often live far away from the real property. Aside from using (renting) it out, some heirs often prefer to have the value of the property disbursed rather than holding on to it.

Notary’s office

Our notary is available for notarizations and authentications in connection with and for real estate transactions.

Brokerage (Brokerage Law)

We counsel and represent clients in connection with questions about the Brokerage Law.
Residential Property Law (WEG) [Wohnungseigentumsrecht]

With regard to Residential Property Law, we provide advice to owners, WEG administrators as well as prospective buyers and brokers for any legal questions associated with the ownership and part-ownership of apartments.