Intellectual Property

In this field of law, we represent authors, translators, photographers, musicians, producers, film crews and film production companies, television broadcasting stations, music, movie and book publishers, stock photo agencies and software producers.

Right of creators and owners of ancillary copyrights

The team of attorneys at LSV undertakes the verification of copyrights. We develop property right strategies for the creators, e.g. with the negotiation of claiming priority and filing of the works by the notary. In addition, the attorneys at LSV arrange for trademark protection and applications for trademark protection. Moreover, we review, design and negotiate licensing and publication agreements with users of the rights.

Copyright contract law

The team at LSV works with the clients from the very start of their projects, be it with the establishment of a company or the production of a movie, the financing of a project, e.g. with the conclusion of co-production agreements, joint ventures and cooperation agreements, the commercialization of the works and the conclusion of the associated contracts. In addition, we are also by their side during negotiations and for the review of licensing agreements, both nationally and internationally.

Copyright and property right infringements

The team at LSV represents clients with the prosecution of property right infringements by means of warning notices, temporary injunction and action for restraints as well as the assertion of claims arising from the property right infringement. Moreover, LSV offers in and out of court representation for unwarranted warnings about property rights and warning letters.