Medical Law

Health Care Law

In our role as law firm geared toward business law, the focus of our advice for physicians and health care service providers relates mainly to the business side of the professional practice: a growing number of physicians and members of health care and para-medical professions are establishing different forms of cooperation with the goal of using synergy effects.

The attorneys at LSV provide you with advice regarding the professional collaboration with colleagues and compile, among other things, the company agreements. Of course, we will also consider the associated fiscal consequences. Moreover, we are happy to help with any questions related to professional regulations. In addition, we take care of the enforcement of fees entitlements opposite patients and private health care insurers.

On the expenditures side, we assist our clients in particular with questions regarding the financing of the medical practice and the equipment. Those who are not paying close attention and especially those who don’t keep track of the various contractual obligations over the entire financing term, may be in for a rude awakening. The attorneys at LSV provide guidance with regard to the advantages and disadvantages of the various financing models, review the fine print in the contract offerings, thereby enabling clients to select the financing option that is best for them. Should additional discussions be required later on, we are happy to act as representatives.

Freelancers are under constant time constraints. Therefore, a constructive method of operation that saves time for the clients is important to LSV. We offer flexible communication channels via telephone, fax and internet. Consultation appointments can be scheduled in a way that is compatible with your practice routine.