Tax services

Our tax law offering is geared towards companies, their shareholders as well as private individuals and includes both national and international tax law.

Within the scope of regular tax consultancy, we advise our clients comprehensively and competently alone or in connection with our LSV companies with regard to:

  • Contracts and statements
  • Declarations (tax returns)
  • Accounting and cost accounting
  • Advice on field audits and regular tax consultancy

We offer the following when setting up tax consultancy on fundamental and important corporate and private decisions and issues:

  • Tax planning and arrangements (company, private)
  • Investment and financial counseling
  • Tax-optimized company purchases and sales (Mergers & Acquisitions)

Contracts and statements

We create regular annual statements as well as special financial statements and invoices on specific occasions. We also create statements for special purposes.

  • Creation of annual statements (commercial balance sheets, tax balance sheets)
  • Creation of special and supplementary balance sheets
  • Preparation of revenue-surplus accounts
  • Supervisory assistance in external year-end audits
  • Preparation of incorporation balance sheets
  • Preparation of balance sheets for purposes of analysis
  • Preparation of financial statements with market value determinations

Declarations (tax returns)

We prepare company as well as private tax returns and tax returns within the scope of declaration advice. We also provide promising proposals for clients. We audit all outgoing notices and if the authorities issue deviating notices, we pursue the interests of our clients.

  • Tax returns (income tax, corporation tax, business tax, sales tax, land transfer tax, inheritance tax, gift tax, other types of taxes)
  • Acquirement of all types of petitions (stay, remission, deferment, reinstatement, investment allowances)
  • Seeking binding rulings
  • Audit of notices
  • Appeal of notice procedure
  • Complaint, appeal and audit procedures in tax concerns

Accounting and cost accounting

We perform the following services within the scope of the setup and regular supervision of our clients’ accounting:

Personnel accounting

  • Consultation on income tax and social insurance questions
  • Tax-optimized conditions of employment
  • Payroll and salary accounting
  • Notices to social insurance agencies
  • Creation of income statements and income tax returns

Financial accounting

  • Consultation on the setting up of optimal accounting
  • Settlement of all bookkeeping work
  • Creation of advance sales tax filing

Cost accounting

  • Creation of a cost and production account
  • Setting up reporting

Advice on field audits and regular tax consultancy

Our other fields of activity include the counseling and strategic preparation of our clients for specific contacts and discussions with financial authorities and social insurance institutions. We also use our expertise to clarify legal issues.

  • Strategic preparation for field audits
  • Advice on and supervision of ongoing field audits
  • Advice and implementation in penalty exempt voluntary declarations
  • Representation in criminal tax proceedings
  • Leading negotiations with financial and social insurance authorities
  • Time control and time management for clients
  • Expert report drafting

Tax planning and arrangements (company, private)

Our activities in the area of tax planning and arrangements are varied and always related to the individual case. We indicate alternative action possibilities after a thorough analysis of the initially existing situation.

  • Calculation of tax burden comparisons (national und international)
  • Tax advice on the selection of legal form
  • Company division and leasing concepts
  • Tax implementation of incorporations, mergers, demergers and liquidations
  • Arrangements with tax-optimized financing
  • Tax optimization of companies
  • Subinvestment concepts and trusteeship arrangements

Investment and financial counseling

Company management regularly includes the preparation of decisions in the investment and financing area. We support our clients in these decision processes with the following services:

  • Incorporation consulting (Start up)
  • Feasibility studies
  • Creation of investment and financing plans
  • Creation of business plans
  • Tax optimization of financing and finance transactions
  • Arrangement and assessment of finance instruments (hybrid financing, mezzanine)
  • Preparation of and assistance in creditworthiness audits

Tax-optimized company purchases and sales (Mergers & Acquisitions)

The question on the possibility of maintaining company, operating and private assets over the period of active exertion of influence is a problem frequently placed before us. We offer the following services in these cases.

  • Optimum structuring of the company and asset situation in preparation for the transaction
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Private Equity
  • Tax Due Diligence
  • Management buy-out and management buy-in concepts
  • Tax optimization of company purchases and company sales