Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Conduct of proceedings and cases before authorities and courts

The attorneys at LSV offer representation in proceedings and lawsuits (including for pleas or appeals) before any courts in Germany, in particular before the Regional Courts [Landgerichte - LG] and the Higher Regional Courts [Oberlandesgerichte - OLG], before the senates of the Fiscal Courts [Finanzgerichte - FG] and for appeals, grievances and complaints against disallowance before the Federal Fiscal Court [Bundesfinanzhof - BFH]. For matters related to the labor law, before the Labor Court [Arbeitsgericht - ArbG], the National Labor Courts [Landesarbeitsgerichte - LAG] and/or the Federal Labor Court [Bundesarbeitsgericht - BAG]. Complaints against disallowance, plea and appeal procedures before the Federal Court of Justice [Bundesgerichtshof - BGH] will be conducted in cooperation with attorneys admitted at the Federal Court of Justice (BGH).

The interdisciplinary composition of LSV enables our procedural law specialists to deliver comprehensive and first-class service for national and international disputes in all relevant fields of corporate law.

Actions and compulsory enforcement

The attorneys at LSV represent both plaintiffs with the enforcement of claims as well as defendants with the defense of unwarranted claims and lawsuits.

If the client is in the possession of titles, the law firm will take care on his behalf of the compulsory collection of the titled claims in the context of compulsory enforcement.

Temporary injunctions / protective letters

In the context of proceedings related to temporary legal protection, we also become involved in temporary injunctions and subsequent proceedings in the context of law enforcement and legal defense.

If a client is concerned about the issuance of a temporary injunction, the impending issuance of a temporary injunction can be prevented in the best case scenario for example with the deposit of a protective letter. Previously issued temporary injunctions can also be reversed by the competent court.